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Anxious nervous zodiac signs astrology

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Aries deal with their anxiety very aggressively, and can sever relationship ties in the process. One of the only things that soothes a Taurus is clean lines, a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, and the illusion that everyone is looking at your life and thinking it is perfect.

The more anxious a Taurus is, the more manic they will be in trying to create the perfect image. Geminis are actually more prone to anxiety than a lot of other signs, and this is in no small part due to the dual nature of their minds: However, over time, they will start to act out in passive aggressive ways, slowly deteriorating from the inside out.

Watch for passive aggressive comments and unhealthy coping mechanisms that start to become habitual. Cancers are most at ease when they feel settled and harmonious in either a family, friend group or workspace. This leads them to worry incessantly about what other people think, and then adjust their behaviors to be as pleasing as possible to anyone and everyone.

The less a Cancer is being their authentic self, and the more stressed they seem about a comment someone made or what a relative could possibly think, the more anxious they probably are.

Virgos love to have their Anxious nervous zodiac signs astrology together. Yes, being a Virgo is exhausting.

Virgos express their anxiety through a desire to micro-manage and in attempts to control as much as they can. The more manic they are, the more anxious they are, and the cycle repeats itself.

The nervous zodiac signs live...

Libras are known for being the most social sign in the Zodiac. They are charming, friendly, and generally in love with love.

Some zodiac signs are prone...

They are very socially-oriented people, and may not realize it but are often at their best when they have regular contact with people they love. The biggest sign that a Libra has anxiety is that they isolate themselves, they avoid other people and think that they prefer to be alone.