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Birdie beach

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Around m of this walk follows Birdie beach smooth and hardened path, whilst the remaining m follows a clear and well formed track or trail. This whole walk, m is not usually affected by severe weather events that would unexpectedly impact safety and navigation.

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The walk continues down the timber path and steps, across the sand to the edge of the ocean. The beach is not patrolled, so swimming is not recommend, but it is a good place for fishing or enjoying a stroll along the sand. The view from the fenced platform looks up and down Birdie Beach, and out to sea to Bird Birdie beach. The walk starts from the car park and heads across the compacted dirt and gravel track, before leading Birdie beach a timber ramp to Birdie beach actual lookout.

A short walk to a grand view. This walk follows the Geebung Track to the sweeping views of Birdie Beach. From Campbell Dr, you will follow a management trail down to a creek where the Geebung Track narrows and winds through the heath to the top of the hill, where there is a view to Birdie Beach.

This walk is especially worthwhile in spring when the wildflowers are in bloom although you will still see wildflowers for much of summer. From Birdie beach northern end of Frazer Beach, the walk heads across the exposed rockshelf to Snapper Point Beach, then on to Snapper Point consider tide and sea conditions before setting out. From Snapper Point, there are more great ocean views and a lookout which views a large sea cave.

If you have extra time, the side trip to Wybung Head is Birdie beach the effort. A very diverse walk exploring many of the highlights in the park. Forming part of a coastal walk, you will find occasional ocean views in addition to a great view of Birdie Beach about halfway. The Geebung Track is a great place to enjoy the wildflower display in spring and early summer. Birdie beach you have extra time, you could extend your journey with the Wybung Head walk for more ocean views.

Geebung Track leads you through the low heath and past a few sweeping ocean views, and great wildflower displays in spring and summer. The side trip to Wybung Head follows a dirt road, and Birdie beach views are well worth the detour. Grass Tree Track is overgrown and unclear in places, making its way down to Frazer Birdie beach. Wybung Head is found at the end of Wybung Head Rd.

This walk leads from the car park along a wide trail to the grand views up and down the coast from the end of the headland.

A narrow track finishes the walk to the tip of Wybung Head, where there are degree views of the ocean, up and down the coast. There are many large and crumbly cliffs here, please take care. A great spot for whale watching or just enjoying the turbulent ocean views. This short walk starts at the end of Wybung Head Rd, leading along the top of the ridge to a fairly large clearing with sweeping ocean views.

A large sign provides some information on Marine Mammals. This is a good spot to watch migrations — northern migration from June to July and southern migration from Sept to Oct. There is no shade, wind protection or any other facilities, so come well prepared if planning to sit and watch for a while.

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At the time of Birdie beach, this track was very overgrown hence the high grade and the trackhead difficult to find. Once on course, much of Birdie beach track is clearer and quiet eroded in places. It is an interesting walk to see some diverse vegetation,noticing how it changes with altitude.

At the bottom of the hill, the track emerges onto Frazer Beach before heading to the picnic area at the end of Frazer Rd.

This circuit Birdie beach explores the valley of palm trees and the dry woodland Birdie beach the ridge. Starting from the back of the Palms Picnic Area, this walk follows an arrow through a palm forest then across a small creek and up a hill.

At Birdie beach top of the hill is an information sign, where the walk turns left and heads down the ridge, passing more palms before heading back to the picnic Birdie beach. A great walk before lunch at the picnic area. The area is very rocky and provides grand ocean views. The memorial on Snapper Point gives a good reminder to take care.

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There are views out over the ocean, and also south to Frazer Beach and north up the coast. An enjoyable short walk with great views, especially on sunny days. This walk starts from the great views of the Birdie beach cave and leads out to Snapper Point. Here, the walk turns right and follows the shore to the lifebuoy, then across the rocks to the secluded Birdie beach.

The high grade on this walk is due to the risk associated with walking on the rock ledge, please take care.

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The notes mention an alternate route that can be used as a shortcut back to the car park. Home Walks Campsites More. A well establish campsite. There are 8 caravan sites and 28 tent based camping sites.

Birdie beach

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Groups of more than 8 are required to fill in Birdie beach group booking form which can be obtained through the booking office. There is a short walk along a footpath to Birdie Beach. The campsite is flat and in an open area, reasonably well protected from the sea breeze.

There is some but limited shaded area.

The amenities block and cooking shelter are in great condition and provide good facilities. There is an emergency only phone near the amenities block. The walk follows the sealed path old road through the tall Birdie beach [3]passing a couple of glimpses of Red Ochre Beach [4] on the left before coming to timber foot bridge [5] in the middle of Birdie Beach car park.

Birdie Beach car park. Birdie Beach car park is a large parking area at the end of Birdie Beach Road. The are a few small grassy Birdie beach, as well as garbage and recycling bins.

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Three tracks lead to Birdie Beach and another path leads to Birdie beach camping ground. There is a toilet [6] and hand washing basin [7] near the start of the car park, as well as a large information sign [8]. There is parking [9] and toilet facilities [10] [11] for people with disabilities.

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From the bridge [12]this walk heads to the very end of the car park [13]then turns right to find the beach access Birdie beach [14]. Birdie Beach is a several kilometre long beach stretching from Budgewoi in the south to near Wybung Head in the north. The sandy beach faces south-east and Bird Island is found about 1. There are several access points along this beach.

The beach is not patrolled.