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A self-titled debut album, released Junesold over 3 million copies and hit No. By the end of they will have played to more than 1 million fans across four continents.

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A mix of plus original animated and live-action series draws young viewers and their families. She played a big role in the early stages of desegregating the South. The year-old singer-actress says the entire past year has been a highlight.

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The year-old recently signed with Hollywood Records. They are aiming for a spring album release.

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My whole goal is to get to a point where I can do both equally. He also signed a solo deal with Columbia Records. The year-old possesses major crossover appeal. Brothers Luke, 21, Beau and Jai Brooks, both 20; and their friends Daniel Sahyounie, 20; and James Yammouni, 19, have created a clothing line called Dirty Pig, nabbed a record contract with Republic Records and inked a film deal with Lionsgate.

Now that we are here, … we all certainly want to aim for the stars.

The year-old model and TV personality first hit the scene in E! I love her voice. Marano and her sister were bitten by the acting bug early, although actress mom, Ellen, attempted to squash it.

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When her sister, Vanessa, got an agent at age 8, the 5-year-old Marano also insisted on getting one. I could see her writing and directing and I could write the soundtrack.

The year-old Canadian singer exploded onto the scene in when he posted Vine clips of himself singing.

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The year-old social media phenom, known for his high energy and high production values, is one of the top Viners in the world with 8. Tapped by Pepsi, Hanes, Sour Patch Kids and others to work on digital campaigns, Paul is quickly moving into long-form projects and honing his acting skills.

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But that talent led to classical training, and now her music and acting careers have blended almost into one. Her performances have encouraged me to take dance lessons and to become stronger as a performer. She also inspires me to carry myself as a strong, confident woman. Furthermore, she knew how to communicate each and every step subtlety yet effectively.

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Often, on the very first take, Maisie would give a heartbreaking, unnervingly raw performance. Getting to work with your heroes is scary and intimidating, but both were very generous.

But Barbusca, Bloom and Dalton had no difficulties standing out. The kids have a number of upcoming projects: I feel like people should understand… it was just a great film.

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He plays a teenager who teams with a warrior Daniel Wu in the genre-bending show that encompasses steampunk, the Old West and martial arts. Raimi really helped me reach my maximum potential.

After returning from her tour she will release her next album inwhich will involve more touring. Where role models are concerned, she is living the dream. Shipp, 21, hit some personal and professional highs this past year. To get to play such an iconic role like Storm and to follow in the footsteps of Halle Berry has been so tremendously exciting.

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Shipp also plans to release some original music. Her debut studio album is set to be released later this year. For an 8-year-old, Tremblay sure has a lot on his plate. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.

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