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Open the attached project "UnloadSceneBug. Open and play Scene1 3. Left Mouse Click to the game view, it will load Scene2 4.

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LMC again and it will unload Scene1 5. Notice that message which was displayed by Scene1 disappears and the one in Scene2 is "success". Build and run the project for standalone target 7.

Repeat step 3 and 4 8. Notice that message which was displayed by Scene1 disappears and the one in Scene2 is "ndataRedirect was destroyed".

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By "indirect references" user means that an object in Scene2 contains a reference to a non-instantiated prefab X, and X in turn contains a reference to a non-instantiated prefab Y. After unloading Scene1, X remains valid, but Y disappears.

I will download version 5. My game's "loading" scene deletes itself half a second after the "main" scene loads. All "main" scene prefab references are available for that first half-second, and then turn null. Calling "DontDestroyOnLoad prefab " successfully stops my prefab references from turning null.

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It's a decent stop-gap, but not ideal. This issue is definitely still present, please re-open this. Prefab is now missing from resources list and cannot be loaded until game is restarted completely. Best workaround I could find is to immediately move any prefabs loaded with Resources.

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Load[Async] to a scene that never gets unloaded with SceneManager. This doesn't reproduce in the editor for me 5.

Amazingly frustrating trying to find the cause of this. Building isn't exactly rapid. It would help if at least calling Resources.

Load wouldn't return null.

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It seems it doesn't even try to reload the asset if it was deleted. Ran in the same issue in 5.

As you can expect, the terrain chunks get deleted, and we got big holes where we should have a terrain tile. So yes, that's a BIG issue. Additive ; 4 SceneManager.

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After 2the prefab variable holds a valid reference. After 5the prefab variable is null. It seems like calling UnloadScene somehow destroys the prefab, and it can't be loaded again.

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This only happens on a device, it works fine in the editor. View bugs we have successfully reproduced, and vote for the bugs you want to see fixed most urgently.

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Fixed in Unity 5. Unloading a scene can destroy non-instantiated prefabs that are indirectly referred to by other currently-loaded scene Assets Management - Jan 02, - Priority: Log in to vote on this issue.