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Tweek was up early again the next morning.

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He was up before his alarm was set to go off, he was excited for today, he was excited to see Craig. He spent extra time in the bathroom getting ready. He showered, brushed his teeth, then his hair and pinned it back again. He hoped, since his hair was wet, it would stay down better.

He applied a layer of his mom's foundation over the spots on his neck, it didn't make them completely disappear, but it was good enough for him. When he was finished, he looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. He thought he looked quite good if he did say so himself. Irresistible jock plays with himself his hair pulled away from his face, it brought his features out more. He'd slept well over the past weekend, so the dark circles that were usually present under his eyes had nearly disappeared.

He felt happy with himself for the first time in a long time. Back in his room, which is connected to his bathroom, he got dressed. He picked out a clean Irresistible jock plays with himself of skinny jeans with the knees ripped out by falling and him picking at them.

Then pulled a plain black shirt on Irresistible jock plays with himself his head and followed it with Craig's sweatshirt. He nuzzled his nose into the collar of it and smiled. It still smelled like him. He really loves the sweatshirt, it's comfy, and it would always remind him of the older boy.

He rolled the sleeves up, grabbed his backpack, and made his way downstairs. When he heard the rumble of Craig's truck outside a bubble of excitement formed in his stomach. He quickly finished putting his morning coffee in a travel mug and practically sprinted to the door. With the front door shut and locked behind him, he made his way to the black Chevy truck sitting at the end of his driveway.

He pulled the passenger side door open and smiled at the older teen waiting inside.

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He threw his bag in on the floor first, then pulled himself up using the handle above the glove box. Craig smiled back "mornin' cutie. Craig silently watched as the blond settled into the truck.

He had his back rested against the door, his left hand resting on the steering wheel, his right hand covering the smirk forming on his face from the small grunt and 'oof' Tweek let out as he plopped himself Irresistible jock plays with himself in the other seat.

Craig couldn't help the smile that formed on his face when the other smiled over at him. A hand on the back of his neck stopped him from sitting back down in his seat.

Craig placed a lingering kiss on the blond's forehead.

He pulled back a looked back into the other's eyes, "You ready to go? He looked back to Craig and noticed his wasn't wearing his seat belt.

He pouted and asked, "Can you please put your seat belt on? You never know what could happen man.

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Craig could never say no to him, and Tweek knew that. They got to school almost 20 minutes early.

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Craig parked in his usual parking spot, all the way in the back corner. Nobody parks back here, too far of a Irresistible jock plays with himself for most people to make early in the morning. He likes it cause he doesn't have to deal with shitty underclassmen driver's, and he gets to be alone in the mornings and after school lets out. The forest is right beside and behind his spot, a big pine tree sits a few feet back from the asphalt of the parking lot, shading his truck for most of the day.

Craig parked the truck and killed the engine.

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The two of them spent the first few minutes talking about how the rest of their weekends went. Tweek watched with curiosity as Craig lifted the center console up, revealing it to be another seat. He patted the spot between them and told the blond, "c'mere. Tweek did as he was told and moved over to the other seat and instantly cuddled up to the older teen's side.

He rested his head on his shoulder. Somewhere between that moment and the next, Tweek had crawled his way over Craig's legs and straddled his lap. He placed himself snugly between the other's chest and the steering wheel.

He cupped the older male's cheeks and kissed him, it was slow and sweet, he can't get enough of the raven's lips on his. Irresistible jock plays with himself